album books and ANA.LOGUE and architecture and archive and art &c.


  • WHAT: A

  • WHEN: 1909

  • WHO: Un-Gyve Press & Un-Gyve Records 

  • WHERE: Boston


A-BAZOUKI:  Volume 1 Album Book  with sleeve notes by Christopher Ricks and further releases from A-Bazouki  on Un-Gyve Records

ACOSTA: Iván Acosta, With a Cuban song in the heart | Con una canción cubana en el corazón, was born in the neighborhood of Los Hoyos, in the city of Santiago de Cuba. A playwright, director of film and theater, advertising creative director, songwriter and producer of Latin jazz concerts and albums, he escaped the island by boat in August 1961 with his parents and sister. Since December of that year, he has lived in Hell’s Kitchen, two blocks from Times Square, in New York City. He studied film direction at New York University (NYU) and social studies at the New School University. He has written twelve plays, of which nine have been published. His theatre piece, El súper, premiered on November 5th, 1977—granting him international recognition which led to the eponymous film shot in 1979—is considered the most important play and film by Cuban exiles, winning over twenty prizes in the international arena. Acosta is the founder of the Cuban Cultural Center of New York (1972). His most recent work as a filmmaker, Rosa and the Executioner of the Fiend, is participating in several international film festivals.

ADDISON: Joseph Addison, Holland House. Views of the Haunts and Homes of the British Poets, Oct. 19 1850.

ALBUM BOOKS:  Accompanying record albums on the Un-Gyve label are books compact and scaled for old-fashioned vinyl releases — art books featuring ephemera and archival photographs from the Un-Gyve Archives and other sources along with lyrics and text. Art, design, editorial, and writing credits for contributions to such releases as "Nobody Else but Me" Stan Getz on Verve ® with notes by Gary Burton and Art Lange, The Greg Hopkins Quintet "QUINTOLOGY," The Greg Hopkins 16 Piece "Okavongo" and the "Herb Pomeroy Tribute Concert" live album.  

ALLINGHAM: William Allingham (1824-1889), poet, observer of men and of nature, born in Ballyshannon, County Donegal, Ireland. Reflections & Ramblings: William Allingham, Diarist and Poet.

ANA.LOGUE: audio production and filmmaking from authentic artists and archival and original sources.

AQUATINT: An intaglio etching and printing process in which a porous ground allows nitric acid to penetrate a copper plate and form a network of small pits in the plate, as well as the prints made by this process; v: to create an image, picture or scene in such a way; origin late 18th century: from French aquatinte, from Italian acqua tinta ‘colored water.’

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN PRESERVATION + ADAPTIVE REUSE: recording reclamation + restoration projects with archival and historical publications.

ARCHITECTURE: BIS BIS books on architectural projects and products, and monographs.  

ARCHIVE: Publishing the Un-Gyve Archives  and The Mark Chester Photography Archives.

ARONSON: TACTILE | MERCANTILE in two installations (Scene One  and Scene Two), curated by Un-Gyve, a retrospective of works in colour by Judith Aronson at The Isole Gallery of Art + Industrial Design the catalogue in two books from Un-Gyve Press.  

ART: fine art and photography publications, limited editions, catalogues.

ATELIER: A workshop or studio, esp. one used by an artist or designer; an intaglio printmaking studio; origin late 17th century: from French, from Old French astelle ‘splinter of wood,’ from Latin astula.

N.B. The alphabet swatch colour is Amphissa from the Un-Gyve Palette.