Views of the Haunts and Homes of the British Poets, Oct. 19 1850. &c.


  • WHAT: V

  • WHEN: Pre-1900

  • WHO: The Un-Gyve Limited Group

  • WHERE: Boston

VIEWS OF THE HAUNTS AND HOMES: Views of the Haunts and Homes of the British Poets, Oct. 19 1850.

From our Un-Gyve archives, an original sequence of thirty-nine small watercolours by an unknown artist, the home or haunt and the poet being identified by hand in blue ink on the tissue leaf that precedes each illustration. These lovely vignettes are bound, the pages with gilt edges, and the album secured with a brass clasp. This loving series of associations opens with Geoffrey Chaucer (Tabard Inn — Southwark), and closes with Alfred Tennyson (Birthplace at Somersby).

1850 was Tennyson’s annus mirabilis, a year to marvel at: May had seen the publication of In Memoriam, and June his wedding. In November he was to succeed William Wordsworth (who had died in April) as Queen Victoria’s Poet Laureate, bestowing and receiving many true tributes for the next forty-two years.

In a limited edition, Un-Gyve will reproduce in faithful facsimile this tribute to the centuries’ poets and to their spirits of place.

VIGNELLI: Milan born Modernist Massimo Vignelli, esteemed multidisciplinary designer, New Yorker of 40 years, visionary of the city’s subway signage, minimalist and pragmatist. In his generous e-book, The Vignelli Canon, intended to share his professional knowledge with young designers, he speaks of “visual pollution” in the “proliferation of typefaces” advising: “Out of thousands of typefaces, all we need are a few basic ones, and trash the rest.”

VIOLETS FOR YOUR FURS: Rev. 9/18 12B. - Rev. 9/18 12C. in Ol' Blue Eyes is Back from our Un-Gyve archives, Dominic DiBona's original programme book for the Emmy nominated television show that followed Frank Sinatra's 1973 comeback album of the same name. Printed on the orange cloth cover, ol' blue eyes is back above an image of the famous eyes and below that Dominic DiBona. Inside the book are lyrics to all the songs performed along with stage directions.

N.B. The alphabet swatch colour is Vinca from the Un-Gyve Palette.