Narragansett Hotel, The NO Show, &c.


  • WHAT: N

  • WHEN: Pre-1900

  • WHO: The Un-Gyve Limited Group

  • WHERE: Boston

NARRAGANSETT HOTEL: Testimonial Dinner Tendered by Friends to Henry and Barnett Nemrow, Narragansett Hotel, Feb.26,1934. The Gray Studio Prov. R.I.

NEMROW: EST. 1912 

NICÉPHORE NIÉPCE: Joseph Nicéphore Niépce produced the first metal heliographic plate, in 1826, used to create a reproduction print of the original 1633 etching of Le Cardinal d'Ambroise by Isaac Briot. In the same year Nicéphore Niépce pioneered the photographic process using a pewter plate coated with Bitumen of Judea and a further coat of light-sensitive silver salts to capture an image from his kitchen window at Le Gras (La cour du domaine du Gras), Saint-Loup-de-Varennes. The French inventor's Pyréolophore, the world's first 'internal combustion engine', which he conceived, created, and developed with his older brother Claude, earned a patent on July 20, 1807 from the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, upon powering a boat on the Saône upstream.

THE NO SHOW: “As words go NO is short and to the point, perhaps more so than any other. Put into its varied context — the pithy and the pastoral — by the brilliantly observant Mark Chester, NO guides us from our first roller coaster ride right up to the cemetery gates with humour and humanity.”     — the -logue

Presented in Boston by The Isole Gallery of Art + Industrial Design, The NO Show features select images from the book No in America, a collection of 150 images accompanied by George Toomer’s text, newly presented photographs from the NO archives, as well as new additions to the NO portfolio.

The NO Show is curated by The Un-Gyve Limited Group as a touring exhibition.

Forthcoming from Un-Gyve Press, a newly designed deluxe edition, with full focus on the photographs that speak for themselves, a resounding NO.

N.B. The alphabet swatch colour is New Laurel from the Un-Gyve Palette.